As Low As $89 !
Accumulator Tanks $28 !

Need a pump or faucet for your water distiller to hook it up to an ice maker? Or put the distiller in a basement and pump the water upstairs?  We have the largest selection in the USA!

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Water Distiller Ice Maker kit Water Distiller Pump
Factory water distiller ice maker kit,  includes an accumulator tank (middle), t-valve, adapter, fittings and 1/4" poly tubing to run to an ice maker.  This is our pump we sell at a low price that I hooked up to a distiller.  Although the rubber bands are not pretty, they keep the lines from flopping around and making noise.  These are very powerfull pumps.  Althugh the picture shows a 1/4" John guest elbow on it, any size fitting/tubing can be attached to it.  Thse pumps put out 1.4 GPM at 60 PSI's
Water Pumps for Distillers Sur Flow Pump Water Distiller
Factor Pump kit for water distiller  This comes with the pump, bracket, faucet, 50 feet of food grad tubing, and the adapters, some of which are already inserted into pump. Picutre of our pump.  Same pump, does not include the electric plug, extra bracket, or john guest adapter that factory unit to left has. Must be purchased seperately or supply your own.
We stock a variety of faucets, and we have over 5,000 John Guest fittings on stock all the time, to handle any water distiller instillation.