The Above Water Distiller generally isn't available to the residential market.  We purchased this water distiller from a company that just purchased it, and the owner died.  Its 2 months old, in the original box, never opened.  Does not come with a factory warranty, but we'll warrant it ourselves for a limited time.  This water distiller is about 5' high, and produces COLD and HOT and ROOM temp water.   The display lights up, and you can even get custom displays for it, with your own picture in it.  This Distiller also has an optional timer available for it, so the unit only runs at night, to keep from heating the room up.

This water distiller probably produces the highest water quality of any water distiller on the market.  The original owner paid $8,700 for this water distiller.  We have it for the price of a standard water distiller that does not produce cold or hot water.  THIS IS THE SAME EXACT MODEL I USE AT MY HOME. It has the best tasting purest water that we have found from any distiller.

The above unit produces about 12 gallons a day, with about 12 gallons of storage.

We have many more used distillers from every brand on the market. Some that are brand new with dents in them from shipping, some working, some not.  Give us a call  at 7 * 4 * 0  -  5 * 4 * 4 * - 5 * 8 * 4 * 2