Want to Watch your Water Being Distilled?  Provides hours of enjoyment watching pure distilled water being made!


220 / 240V Single Phase
Power - 3 kW
Water Supply Flow Rate 60 l/hour (minimum)
Distillate Output 4 l/hour
Conductivity -1 to 3 uS/cm*
Conductivity (with CO2 removed) < 0.25 uS/cm*

Thermal cut-out protected in case coolant water is shut off
Can be mounted on wall
CE Certified


PRICE only $1,399
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This water distiller is not as 'consumer friendly' to use as our other units.  This is a laboratory high grade distiller, and is designed to be used by laboratories, prior to purchasing this unit, please be sure you are capable of operating this type of water distiller.

*Distilled water has a conductivity of 1uS/cm and pH 5.6 because it contains a small amount of carbon dioxide (0.5ppm) from the atmosphere; the conductivity with carbon dioxide removed would be <0.25 uS/cm.  This lower figure is the true indication of the amount of ionic impurities present, and should be used when comparing distillation with deionisers and other methods of water purification (deionisers and similar systems  measure conductivity before the water has contacted the atmosphere and absorbed carbon dioxide).  This small amount of carbon dioxide is not cause for concern since any purified water, even if initially free of carbon dioxide, will contain dissolved carbon dioxide during use - even "absolutely" pure water (conductivity 0.05 uS/cm, pH 7.0) quickly picks up carbon dioxide when brought into contact with the atmosphere, during use or storage, to give a conductivity of 1 uS/cm and pH 5.6.  Distillates are normally exceptionally free from organic contaminate, which do not register on a conductivity meter, but which are often found in deionised water.

Actual appearance may vary.  Shown with heat shield off for demonstrative purposes.