Lets separate the Facts From Fantasy !

Basically, Solar water distillers are more of a gimmick than a practical solution. Why you ask?  Below are the solar water distillers 'pitfalls'.

1) Solar water distillers do not boil the water (bringing the water to a temperate of 212F), this has two effects.

a) Not killing bacteria that may and will be present in 'moist' conditions that are not sterilized with hot steam or with a disinfectant.  Electric distillers kill the bacteria with high temperate AND because they are primarily made out of stainless steel, stainless steel is not a favorable surface for bacteria to grow on (this is why its used in most commercial restaurant equipment)

b) Heat speeds up chemical reactions, breaking down some chemical compounds out of water that can only be accomplished with high temperatures over 190F

2)  Solar distillers are more of an evaporator, not a distiller.

3)  Because of the large surface area of the glass solar distillers, this leaves a LARGE moist body of water that you have to try to keep sealed to keep BUGS and bacteria out of, or atleast try :)  Most electric water distillers manufactures abandoned holding tanks with large openings years ago, because of problems trying to keep bugs and insects out of them, and most of those were used INDOORS.  Now, just imagine trying to keep bugs out of something that is not air-tight outside!   And if you make it airtight, it won't evaporate!

4)  Distillation is slow, even when using high wattage electric heating elements.  With an outdoor ' solar water distiller ' unless the unit is VERY large, the chance of you getting enough water out of the unit to even use will be small even under the best of conditions.  Throw in all non perfect days, and the winter months, and the production will be reduced to almost 0.

5)  Most of these solar water distillers do not have volatile escape vents, which off gas chemicals that evaporate before water. This includes some herbicides and pesticides and other man-made chemicals. And if they did incorporate such a unit on a ' solar water distiller ' it would dramatically decrease the production rate  (what little they have to begin with) and leave another OPENING for bugs and bacteria to get into since there is no steam to kill the bacteria

So, unless you want to treat your ' evaporated ' water from a 'solar distiller ' with some disinfectant to kill the potential bugs and bacteria I suggest you don't waste your time.  If you do want to waste your time with one of these solar water distillers be sure to keep our phone number handy after your dissatisfied with solar distillation, since its more of a gimmick than a real water purification device.