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Sales Tricks

1)  Beware of web sites that have 'safe shopper certifications'.  If you read the details of many of these programs, they allow customers to anonymously leave 'positive feedback', but allow the owner of the web site to erase negative feedback via a 'loophole'.  All the water distiller web site owner has to do, is claim the person was NOT a customer who left the feedback, and the negative feedback will be erased!  Yet all positive feedback (Even if they are bogus positive feedback from anonymous yahoo and hotmail accounts) are accepted as Legitimate without questioning the authenticity of the sender!  So what happens many times with these programs is, the Water Distiller Website owner will make up a mess of false reports claiming they have excellent service, and dispose of the negative feedback ones they get from disgruntled distiller customers!  Giving customers a distorted perception of their dealings!  Read the details people!

2) Price protection on water distillers - Usually you have to find a PUBLISHED price on an identical water distiller.  Most distiller dealers don't publish price.  A useless policy.

3)  Never buy from a water distiller dealer who does not honor a 100% return policy and has that policy listed on their website!  If you purchased a good water distiller, there should not be a fear of returns!  What's the dealer worried about? That he might have sold the distiller to you, at too high of a price, and you'll find out a couple days later, or learn more and find out you bought JUNK?

4)  Call the Water Water Distiller dealer a couple different times.   If you have a hard time reaching the person to buy a distiller, chances are, you'll have a hard time reaching them if you need help with your water distiller!

5) Scare tactics.  The oldest sales tactic in the Used Car-Salesmens book!   Many distiller dealers who can't compete with price, will try to scare you away from water distiller dealers who can.

6)  Use of the term "surgical quality stainless steel"  Most of the better water distillers are made out of 304L Grade stainless steel.  I see 'salesmen' who have two products sitting side by side made out of the same stainless steel (304L) , and claim one is "surgical stainless steel" and the other is not.  Tell them to do a 3way call with me while they BS you about this one! Stainless steel can vary even among the same grade.  I see it all the time, one batch of water distillers will have a better finish and the next batch will have some discoloration in the stainless steel.  Certain water distiller companies are very particular on the stainless steel they use, and reject bad shipments when they get it in, other companies are not.  Call me for info about this.