How to select a Water Distiller

Water distillers come in all sizes and prices.  But there are a few brands and models that stand out above the crowd.

At first glance it would seem that they are simple devices.  Which basically they are.  Here are some of the factors involved we feel.

1) It's very hard to find a partially plastic water distiller that's reliable.

2) Some water distillers have seals that go out.  When these seals go out, the switches get corroded, electrical systems short out, and we have heard of a few cases where distillers have caught on fire from this factor alone.

3) Accessories available for the unit.

4) Size and placement of the drain on the distiller.  A larger drain = easier cleaning.

5)  Stability of the company that made the water distiller.  You won't find this out by talking to most of the other online distiller dealers.  Most either don't know, or will not tell you.

6) Probably Most importantly, give me a call, I'll tell you the truth about the strong and weak points with all the water distiller brands.  Call 740-544-5842   It's practically impossible for a first time buyer to sort through all the BS info online.  Some of it is misleading intentionally, and a lot of online dealers just don't know very much about the water distiller industry.

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