About Mr. Water Distiller

Pure Distilled Water Distiller
Mr. Water Distiller has been selling and repairing various makes of water distillers for over 10 years.

Mr. Water Distiller cuts through the bull, and has the following goals.

1) Sell you name brand water distillers at the lowest price.

2) Offer a full return policy. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

a) Located in the USA. No Surprises on shipping fee's with our water distillers !

3) Ship out the same day, stocking inventory. Unlike others who 'drop ship' distillers, and just hope the factory (many times in another country) has the product.

4) Will offer advice, and hard facts about each distiller model / brand, with the belief the customer if presented the truth about various distillers, can pick his own distiller, instead of being told which water distiller is best.

Should you have any questions about distillers feel free to contact us:

Water Distillers
Toronto, OH 43964
PHONE 740-544-5842